Take that, Xbox 360.

sid with braces
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Today, we got braces.

Well, at least on the top teeth. Because of Sid's slight overbite, the orthodontist thought it would be best to wait a few months before putting on the bottom set. It only took about an hour as they had pre-set the brackets up on a model and simply set them to his teeth in one step. (I remember being in the chair for about 2 hours.)

Fortunately, we don't have get both of the kids' teeth done at the same time. We may be able to wait until Sid's are off before Cait needs them. Let's just say, it's a good thing the whole "debtor's prison " thing was abolished decades ago.

When Sidney asked what he was getting for Christmas, we said, "Braces."

Then, Cait asked what she was getting for Christmas.

"Your brother's braces."

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