At Purdue

It's not Dubai, but at least we're near the end. With the move looming, I have to attend one more week of coursework for the NOV-Purdue program. We will begin meeting tomorrow at the university and finish on the 12th. Hopefully, things will move quickly and I can get back in time to help Amy with managing the movers.


Is this thing on?

I have been horrible about posting, but things have been kind of crazy the past couple of months. Here's a run down:

Jan. to Present - Commuting to Dallas (and OK and AR) from Houston each week, staying in an apartment, drinking heavily, etc.

Late Jan. - Put house back on the market, albeit at a much lower price.

Feb. 9 - Solid offer on the house. Company agrees to pay negative equity in order to drop the price lower.

Feb. 17 - After house hunting in Dallas area, find and put offer on this house in McKinney:

Feb. 20 - Received contract on house in Houston.

Feb. 29 - Started emptying the attic and organizing things for the move in two weeks.