As of the closing bell this friday,

I think I actually owe money to my 401k.


You know what's really weird?

Sarah Palin just may be the best writer SNL has had in the last ten years.

List of things I look for in a Presidential/Vice-Presidential Candidate

1. Someone smarter than me.


At Purdue

It's not Dubai, but at least we're near the end. With the move looming, I have to attend one more week of coursework for the NOV-Purdue program. We will begin meeting tomorrow at the university and finish on the 12th. Hopefully, things will move quickly and I can get back in time to help Amy with managing the movers.


Is this thing on?

I have been horrible about posting, but things have been kind of crazy the past couple of months. Here's a run down:

Jan. to Present - Commuting to Dallas (and OK and AR) from Houston each week, staying in an apartment, drinking heavily, etc.

Late Jan. - Put house back on the market, albeit at a much lower price.

Feb. 9 - Solid offer on the house. Company agrees to pay negative equity in order to drop the price lower.

Feb. 17 - After house hunting in Dallas area, find and put offer on this house in McKinney:

Feb. 20 - Received contract on house in Houston.

Feb. 29 - Started emptying the attic and organizing things for the move in two weeks.


Happy New Year!

Great time last night at our friends' for dinner and drinks. Amy made her gumbo - only this time for 20 people - and it turned out great. Now, I guess, its back to work.