Woke up early and left for Arkansas at around 5:30 AM.

I stopped for a late breakfast and to get gas before I got to Conway.

When I got to my hotel, I unpacked, checked my email and took a nap.

Later, I went to our shop, met with the guys and discussed what we were going to do the next day.



This morning I got up and packed for my trip while Amy went to church with Sidney.

I played the Wii for a while and had tacos for lunch.

Then, Amy, the kids and I went shopping for dress clothes for Sidney's 'Manners Banquet' this Friday.

Amy went to work and I watched the kids play the Wii for a while.


I got up this morning and went straight to the gym to run a few miles.

After getting home and playing with the Wii for a while, I met Amy's cousins at St. Arnold's.

I came home and helped Amy get the gumbo ready for the evening.

Later, Dave and Rhonda came over with Bryan and we sat around, ate and talked until around 10:30pm.


I slept in this morning, but got up before 8am to help Amy with some things around the house.

Before lunch, I travelled about 20 miles to find a Wii for Sidney's birthday.

Later, I picked up the kids at school and then went to the office to pick up some paperwork for my trip.

That night, I went to the gym much later than normal.


Went to the Galleria area and by a customer's office in the morning.

Then I met my wife's cousin for lunch at Beck's Prime.

Afterwards, I went to the library and back to the house.

At the house, I made some calls to set up appointments in Tulsa for next week.



I went downtown in the morning and visited with a friend of mine at a customer's office.

I received news that one of my accounts will make some changes in one of their markets.

Came home and went to the gym.

Watched 'District B13' and went to bed without posting.

I'm probably too old to take up parkour.



Today I went to a customer's office and then to my office.

I received two pens I ordered yesterday and discovered that I liked the cheaper one better.

After the gym, I came home and ate some chili without beans.

I skipped the 'State of the Union' and watched 'Idiocracy' instead.

I totally think that Hillary will win the Democratic nomination for president and Barack Obama will be chosen as her running mate.



After getting the kids off to school, I went to work at my regular time for a Monday.

Before lunch, I went downtown and spoke to a couple of customers.

Following our sales meeting, I went home and then to the gym.

Tonight, after checking the mail, I cooked dinner.

Just like 'Married With Children' was often called 'Al Bundy' by its fans, I'm finding that '24' is being called 'Jack Bauer.'



I got up this morning and helped Amy get the living room back in order after the party.

Around lunch, I took Sidney's friend home and went to the gym.

Later, I watched the Saints lose to the Bears, but only half-watched the Pats - Colts game.

Caitlin ended up staying up late because she forgot an assignment she had to complete for tomorrow.

Ang Lee started out strong, but his last few movies have been kind of weak.



After sleeping in, I got up and took Sidney to rent some games for his party.

We came home and I set everything up so the guys could play video games.

I also helped Amy decorated his 'Nintendo DS' cake.

The party was fun and everyone was tired afterward.

Fifteen dollars is just not enough for an iTunes gift card.


After an early morning trip downtown, I went into the office finish up some work.

Before lunch, I went to Kinko's to ship a package and talk to my sister.

I picked the kids up from school and ran some errands before going to the gym.

I ate a bowl of cereal and watched some t.v. before going to bed.

SNL is actually better since Tina Fey quit as head writer.



I only visited one of my regular customers this morning.

As a result, I ended up getting to the office earlier than usual and had my pick of parking spaces.

I planned on meeting my dad for lunch downtown, but the bad weather and traffic made me change my plans.

I worked at the house later and went to the gym pretty late.

If someone offers you fried jalapenos and onion strips as an appetizer, pass.



Even though our schools were open, I stayed home instead of going downtown.

I had lunch with Amy at our favorite Chinese food restaurant.

Disappointed my new gym shoes didn't come in, I decided to skip my workout.

I drank a couple of whiskeys and watched 'A Prairie Home Companion.'

Roderigo y Gabriela are pretty fun to watch, but I'm not sure I could listen to them play for a long time.



It wasn't nearly as cold as was forecast and it didn't rain overnight.

I ended up going to lunch with my boss and another salesman.

Afterwards, I went to the library and then to the gym.

Later, I ate a Manwich and watched 'The Unit.'

'Mumford' is a pretty awesome movie.



Today it was pretty cold, so I didn't go to Dallas.

During lunch, I parked my car in a grocery store parking lot and finished the book I was reading.

When I got home I decided to go to the gym in case I couldn't go tomorrow.

Later, I watched '24' on t.v.

The Hold Steady is probably the best band in America right now.


Typing the word 'blog' gets harder each time I do it.

It's simply too time consuming to keep up a blog.

I don't know if it is just too boring to write about what happens on a daily basis or if the redundancy in writing about that stuff seems stupid. It seems to me that the most successful sites, at least recently, are those that do not focus on their author's own life.

Oh well, bored already. . .