Big D

It's not officially official yet, but it looks as though we will be in Dallas by the beginning of the next school year. We were planning on placing our house on the market in order to move into a larger one, but when I mentioned it to my boss, he thought the timing was good for the bigger move.

I should receive my relocation package this week and, provided it is sufficient, we should be placing the house on the market by next week. Wish us luck.

In the Corvette - Epcot

In the Corvette - Epcot
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This past week Amy and I took the kids to the Disney Parks for an early vacation. We took about 600 pictures, but you can see a few of the better ones at flickr.com.

Sidney and Caitlin took their first plane trip, rode their first roller coasters and saw each of the four parks. This picture is from the car display following the Test Track ride at Epcot.


Our first game of the year

Me and the kids at the game
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Amy and I took the kids to their first Astros game of the year today. The game sucked (we're now 1-5 in last place, on our way to a early road trip), but we had a great time. The kids got plush toys as part of the first group of kids at the park and got to eat a ton of junk food.

Amy took this picture before the game started.


Hotel sign

Hotel Sign
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This is a post from the flickr site. I'm testing to see if this will be better than posting pics from my computer directly to blogger. Any advice on this would be appreciated.

This picutre is a lazy homage to Chris Glass. He takes a lot of pictures of signs such as this - only with better editing and quality. Check his pictures out, they're great.

Sid's first fish

Sidney caught his first fish last Saturday. It was kind of iffy that day - the weather was bad in the morning and ended up being bad that night. But there were a few hours where we had an opportunity to fish. Dad and I caught a few each, Sid caught one and my uncle came up empty-handed.

It's kind of a shame that Sid is eleven and just caught his first, but we don't get an opportunity to get out on the water very often. He was pretty proud of this little perch and cannot wait to get another shot at 'em.