Crunch Time

It has been a crazy summer, but we're no closer to moving to Dallas. The last couple of offers were a little low and we feel like we've priced the place to sell. Still, as school starts in a couple of weeks, we may look at lowering the price. Also, I spoke with my boss last week and he didn't indicate that the higher-ups were rushing the move from their end. So, right now, we are just focusing on back-to-school stuff.

Besides all of the relocation issues, I just attended my first session of classes with the NOV-Purdue University Sales Management Institute. Our next session is in Dubai, UAE in the first week of December, but we have a couple of large projects due between now and then. So, needless to say, I'm a little busy. To be honest, we've kind of put the move on the back burner.

If anything changes, I'm sure I will post it a few weeks too late.

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mamaDB said...

Dubai, that would be an amazing trip! Glad to hear you guys don't feel panicked about the move and ready to take the first offer that comes along.