first ride

I was pretty stoked to pick up my bike from Bicycle World and Fitness this morning. Everybody at the shop was great at getting me set up with the bike and equipment. They're also offering some classes about bike safety and maintenance free of charge to the BikeTown participants. I can't imagine that they haven't let the rest of the participants know, but if not, you might want to go to their website.

As for the bike, it's great, but I have to get used to that hybrid look and feel. Before I won this bike, I was riding an old Specialized HR Ultra that I converted to a single speed last year. It's a mountain bike and I was always hunched over the handlebars. With the new bike, the saddle is more comfortable and I'm sitting upright - it's very weird.

Once I got home I took it out around the neighborhood for a short, 4 mi. ride. It was extremely comfortable and I'm looking forward to taking it on a longer trip this weekend.

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